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The horse fisherman of Oostduinkerke in West-Flanders, Belgium, have been plying for grey shrimp between the underwater sandbanks of the North Sea for generations. Today, only 12 households in the resort town continue the tradition, which takes place twice weekly throughout the year (excepting the winter months). Fishing is done an hour and a half before low tide, so the fishermen must have a deep understanding of the tide’s ebb and flow—both to ensure the best fishing and the safety of…

La pêche aux crevettes à cheval à Oostduinkerke (Shrimp fishing on horseback in Oostduinkerke) Northsea shrimps are the very BEST shirmps in the whole world!

Suffolk Punch. photo: © Katarzyna Okrzesik - www.photo-equine.com || Gorgeous horse in sunny field

Suffolk Punch Stallion… The Suffolk Punch horse gets the first part of its name from Suffolk County, England where the breed was first developed but where does it get the second part “Punch”?

COMTOIS horse. COMTOIS horse.The Comtois horse breed is an old breed of horse that is believed to have descended from horses brought by the Burgundians of northern Germany to France during the fourth century. In the Middle Ages they were used as war horses. ] In the 19th century, other draft horses such as the Norman, Boulonnais, and Percheron were bred into the Comtois, and more recently the Ardennes was used to produce a stronger horse with better legs - Yahoo Image Search results

The Comtois horse is a draft horse that originated in the Jura Mountains on the border between France and Switzerland

Jutland stallion Mosegaardens Messi

Jutland stallion Mosegaardens Messi

Little kid with the lead line to a huge horse!

Beautiful Belgian draft horse at Northern Heights Farm in western Maine, draft horses are for all ages.