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Queen Rania Of Jordan/****One would think that w/her on the throne something could be done about these so called, "honor killings." If Jordan wants to move out of the dark ages they need to enforce some laws that protect women from their own families, or at the very least provide some safe houses for these women.

Canaanite fertility goddess sells for $242,500 | Ethnic Jewels Magazine The Ancient Levant covered southwestern Syria, the west of Jordan, and modern-day Lebanon, Palestine, and Israel. Ancient Semitic religions were polytheistic and centered upon a cult of mother goddesses. The Canaanite fertility goddess in Syria-Palestine was Astarte, consort to Baal, the rain god.

Ishtar (Inanna). QUALITIES: Enlightenment And Domesticity Are One (i.e. Seventh Stage). Amrita Nadi (Right Side Of The Heart) DEMIURGE: Nepthys. DEMIURGE SHORTCOMING: Enlightenment / Domesticity Duality, Kundalini In The Heart. MUSIC: Jordan Suckley - Droid. IMAGE: Ishtar by Virgil Finlay

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