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31 Kitchen Products For People Who Seriously Love Star Wars

This ceramic R2-D2 teapot that is an absolute necessity for your next Jedi tea party. | 31 Kitchen Products For People Who Seriously Love "Star Wars"


Genius Cake Hack : Bubble Wrap Chocolate Cake Decorating

Basically, here are the steps: 1. You begin by making the cake itself. 2. You melt some chocolate in your microwave. 3. You cut a sheet of bubble wrap so that it is tall enough and wide enough to cover your cake if you wrap it around the cake’s circumference. 4. After you’ve checked that your bubble wrap sheet is the right size, you coat it with the melted chocolate. 5. You wait 10 minutes for the chocolate to dry. 6. You then apply the bubble wrap to the outside of your cake, wrapping it around the circumference. 7. Let it chill for ten minutes. 8. Remove the bubble wrap, and the chocolate will stick to the cake, imprinted with the patterns from the bubble wrap.


Bulky & Quick Alligator Blanket pattern by MJ's Off The Hook Designs

This is a PDF crochet pattern for a Bulky Alligator Blanket! This is one of the…

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Southern Buttermilk Slab Pie

Southern Style Buttermilk Slab Pie ~ The result is a buttery crust topped with a nutmeg and lemon infused custard... Easier to slice than a pie, cut these into bars and serve at room temperature dusted with powdered sugar.


Zookeeper's Blanket pattern by Justine Walley

The Zookeeper’s Blanket is an adorable baby blanket featuring an entire zoo of 30 different animals! This project is perfect for using up scrap yarn, and since each square is different, you’ll never be bored watching each sweet little animal take shape. This blanket is entirely crocheted without buttons, so it’s safe for even the littlest of zookeepers!



Comprender el cuerpo como un sistema energético, podemos adquirir la capacidad para mantener las energías en un flujo armonioso y vibrante que fomente nuestra salud. Lo malo, es que vivimos en un m...

from Rain on a Tin Roof

Painting 101: Why is my paint peeling?

What kind of paint do I use on that? | A guide to what types of paint you can use on various surfaces. Good information for anyone who is new to furniture painting or doesn't know what paints can be used on what surfaces.

from Frugal Mom Eh!

Cinnamon Shea Butter Soap

The ground cinnamon in this cinnamon shea butter soap imparts a beautiful speckled-brown natural hue while the cinnamon essential oil adds spice and a home-baked scent. This DIY soap recipe is a really great Christmas gift idea!