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31 Days of Occupational Therapy with Free Materials

Brain Gym Exercise for Students Brain gym warm up on Youtube (great to use this with a class to start the day- another pinner says it makes a huge difference) or to deal with afternoon energy slump


A Complete Guide to Handwriting

Functional Skills for Kids series and a complete guide to handwriting including developmental progression, fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing concerns, posture, visual perceptual components, play, advanced hand writing tasks, and creative activities for handwriting skills, by Occupational and Physical Therapists.


Motivating Handwriting Activities for Reluctant Writers

Functional and meaningful handwriting activities for reluctant writers. These are motivating activities for kids who don't like to practice handwriting. Great prompts to get a student writing.


Handwriting Spacing Tool & Toys to Work on Spatial Awareness

What is spatial awareness? Tips and tools for handwriting, reading, scissors, and all functional skills in kids and adults, from an Occupational Therapist.


Why Use a Slant Board?

What are the benefits of using a slant board or angled surface in writing and learning and an easy DIY how to make a slant board for classroom and home handwriting.

Kids can use some pretty interesting grasps on pencils. You can see the thumb squashed up against the pencil, the pointer finger wrapped around the pencil, or the <b> thumb wrapped around the fingers </b>. Very often, the pencil grasp that a child is using is not one of stability and rather, is a demonstration of instability as weakness in the muscles of the hand is compensating during handwriting....