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Sri Rama giving Mudra to Hanuman to give it to Sita. @Regrann from @_prabha1 - BAJRANG BALI JAI SRI RAMA #LORDRAM #Shiva #Kali#DEVIdeviDEVI The boons granted by the gods made #Hanuman invincible. The #monkey child became uncontrollable. He became very mischievous. His pranks irritated many. He did not spare the sages even. He would pounce on them and tear their dress. He would throw fruit and leaves perched atop trees. They bore with him patiently being aware of his future. One day a sage was very…

He who exults not at honours, and grieveth not at slights, and remaineth cool and unagitated like a lake in the course of Ganga, is reckoned as wise. Photo: Hanuman