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The Hindu Rope Plant is an exotic house plant native to the far east. It is rather easy to grow and can reach lengths of over 8 feet! The plant is

Hey doll! So just giving my 2 cents for the picture of a Native American giving the Hindu god weed. That Hindu god, Shiva, is the god of both love and death correct? If that isn't interesting enough, there was an incident in which the Hindu deities got kinda reckless and decided to rob Earth of atmosphere. What Shiva did was that he drank the toxic atmosphere and blew it out again. There's a holiday called Holi in which Indians smoke weed/drink weed milkshakes to honor him. It's a holy…

Hoya multiflora Blume 1826 is a shrub-like tropical wax flower plant native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. As the name multiflora already suggests, Hoya multiflora is an indefatigable bloomer all around the year, but is very sensitiv to any kind of changes during the flower period.