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Happy 20th Birthday Niall:) you deserve all the success. Seems like yesterday you were auditioning for the X-Factor "hoping it all works out". It did work out in the end:)

FOR EVERYONE GOING TO THE ROSE BOWL THE 13TH!!!!!! REPIN REPIN REPIN!!!! C'mon how many repins!!!!!! Show Niall we care!!!!!!!!!! Let's do this! Make him the best birthday ever!!!!!!

#WeDidItForOurBoys, #BestSongEverBrokeVEVORecord, and #CongratsDirectionersFromBeliebers are all trending. This warms my heart so much. This reminds me that all fandoms will come together for special occasions and we all are really a family. And it makes me thankful that I'm part of such an amazing family. The amount of love and kindness today is making me tear up. I love you Directioners. ♥♥♥

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Zayn reaction when he found out that Marvel based a comic off of him.! He's so happy.! Look at him.! :,)