THE GIANT MECHANICAL MAN Mumblecore canonico, sostenuto da ottime individualità, una bella sceneggiatura e le stesse dinamiche delle identità nascoste, tipiche dei film di supereroi. Bella prova d'esordio, garbata e romantica, per Lee Kirk. RSVP: "Tiny Furniture", "Happythankyoumoreplease". Voto: 7,5.

What Maisie Knew > a bittersweet film about an adorable little girl in a terrible situation. my heart went out to her and I was won over by the goodness in people portrayed through these characters. also, it made me so grateful my parents are still happily married.

#WhatIf | Movie | Estreia no dia 1º de agosto nos USA. Ainda não há previsão de lançamento no Brasil ou título em português.

2013-The Way Way Back...this movie is awesome, It A cool thing about this film is The humour and level of sarcasm was amazing! 4/4

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