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11 Best Colleges In America You Need To Know

Every student at Blackburn College participates in a work program that allows them to gain work experience, and help offset the cost of their education. Not only is this work program nationally recognized, it is entirely run and staffed by Blackburn students. This is a great school for anybody who wants to reduce or limit their student debt. Students hold jobs on campus, at local businesses, with local law enforcement, and at nearby schools.

4 easy scholarships any student can win

Since 1978, the cost of college tuition in the United States has gone up by over 900%. Approximately 2 of 3 of all college students graduate with stud

5 Tips to Get Out of Debt So You Can Travel More

Want to travel more but you have too much debt? Check out these ideas to get you free at last... College Tips #College #student best college tips

100+ Awesome Scholarships That Will Help You Pay for College

You don’t need to get straight A's, be in dire financial straits or go to a ton of activities after school every day to win a scholarship. In some cases, a special skill or interest area — like weird ways to earn or save money — can help you win an award to use toward tuition, housing or even textbooks.

This one might be worth sharing w/ your students! According to a new infographic from, 70% of students who graduate from four year universities are in serious debt with no guarantee that they will find a job to pay off that debt. For students who graduated in 2010, they have an average debt of $22, 422, which could buy a new car, or be a down payment on a house. Students from private schools are more likely to have debt than those from public schools.