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Copper-engraved billhead with handwritten invoice issued by John Mumford, located at the sign of the Harlequin and Pierot, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. The billhead includes the tradesman's sign of a harlequin and pierrot within a circular medallion. Dated December 1749 to May 1750 the invoice refers to the supply of a bone hoop, blue mantua and pink coat to Mrs Harriet Hucks. Both the engraved and handwritten script are in English round hand. By 1751 this business had been taken over by…

Wanted poster for a calico thief - twenty guineas is a very large reward for the time. "STOLEN, out of print - croft at Cross-Hall near Chorley, on Monday night, March 10, 1794, ten pieces of Printed Calicoes, in the following states, whoever apprehends the offenders, will receive on conviction a reward of twenty guineas by applying to Birch, Rees, Duxbury and Co."

My husband recently went to his grandpa's house to collect some treasures before it's sold. He saved EVERYTHING...I will scan what I can and share the wealth! This is one of the neat old things he collected. Enjoy!