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He's happy to talk to you, give you advice, and even pray for you after a show. Also, if you're a part of the online Bible study, then please know that when he says no question is ever a "dumb" question, he really means it. If you have something you don't understand, Kevin is more than happy to help you better understand it. He's answered some of my "dumb" questions and has told me that if I still didn't understand it to let him know. -Truli

G.J! I'm sad he left. :( But I understand why he did.

Me and my girlfriend/wife at the Dove Awards- Kevin from Twitter

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Kevin showing everyone what was left of his ice cream cone... He cracks me up! Photo credit: Brian Tyler

Little Disciple Things. The video someone put up on YouTube of Mr. Young's speech before singing Yesterday Is Over really helped me a few times. To literally put all your mistakes, hate, emotional scars, anger, and bad things people have done to you and to let it go and open up your hands and give it to God is something that causes tears to fall and burdens to be lifted.

"Loved having protesters at our show today screaming about how I don't know Jesus because I wear all black and play rock music. Surprisingly he didn't mention my tattoos, I thought for sure that those were gonna send me to hell. I guess I'm doing something right. ‪#‎protestorselfie‬." -Joey West, haha, I love how positive he is about this. But seriously though, please respect them. They put so much time and energy into telling people about Jesus.They also have a video on their Facebook.

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