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round & round calendar www.byshop.co

round & round calendar www.byshop.co

Chrome Wall Clock | W30059W By Oliver Hemming

Go mod with this architectural clock from Oliver Hemming. With a glass lens, chrome material, and simple, subtle markers for and this clock is for the co.

Clown Vases

clown by tomas kral

Ceramic containers by Tomas Kral (r) Series of objects inspired by the red clown nose. The cork cover is connected to the ceramics container with coloured elastic.

Animalistic Video Recorders

Animalistic Video Recorders

Pet Vision isn't the only device touted to record everything your pet sees but it's small, compact, and actually looks decent compared to some of the

The Linear Clock by Audun Ask Blaker

Designed by Audun Ask Blaker, the Lineær clock initially looks like any other clock, but upon closer inspection you find out that the time is written on a continually rotating scroll, emphasising that time is in perpetuity.

Stunning Minimalist Gradient Watch – Fubiz Media #design

Stunning Minimalist Gradient Watch

Pre-oder on Indiegogo Hidden Time’s watch face features a beautiful gradient display under a crystal covering where numbers are firmly printed. As hours pass, the hour gradient disc rotates a…

Dining Table, Tables

Glance is a smart clock that automatically shows you message alerts at the right moment.It displays information from your phone, favorite wearables, smart home devices, and much more. It informs you about what you need right when you need it, so you can set your phone aside without stress. Glance

Glance Clock Literally Adds Personality to a Familiar Device -