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ibeemotivation: “31.1.16 // 10:38 pm finished my mind map for french tenses! well technically not just tenses but all the kinds of conjugations im going to need to have to remember ”

I’m reviewing empirical formulas before starting notes on molecular formulas…I reallyyyyy can’t wait for winter break!

reviseordie: As much as I hate the idea of condensing over 1000 years of literature onto one A4 sheet of paper, I just have. That’s A-levels for you.

royalparty: “ 4th week of uni and shit is starting to get real #studying #ittookwaytoolongtotakethispicture ”

studytildawn: “ 02/13 || Neck deep in art history today preparing for the first exam. But that’s okay because I had fun making this timeline/mind map thing! ”