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Updating An Old Wooden Highchair

The best primer? This flat Rustoleum paint and primer in one. You can do a bright color right over top of it

Great blue spray paint color: Jade by Krylon. Reminds me of the house we rented one summer in Nantucket where all of the chairs were mismatched in style, but were this color!

Painted chair; very cute and love the colors! I painted this Alice in Wonderland chair for my sweet niece Alice Pearl :-) turned out pretty cute I think!

Painting Tip: Use Nails in Furniture Feet

Painting chairs and discarded furniture is all the rage, but there are some parts of the process that can be a bit tricky. For instance, the feet. Do you know how to paint feet without them sticking to the floor or having to flip the piece over?

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How to Paint Upholstery (Latex Paint and Fabric Medium)