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What fears inspire your worst Character Flaws? The seven chief features of ego, a dominant negative attitude are: a defensive and potentially destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. We all have at least one. We create it during adolescence, and thereafter it manifests as a lifelong character flaw or personality defect unless to work to overcome it.

admit if you are wrong

soooo true...he did me wrong by cheating & divorced me to be with the homewrecker, but his actions afterward were that of the victim...he lied and lied and lied to people she thought she could manipulate into believing he was abused...what a scumbag!!!

We all have routines, things we think and do everyday. Some of our routines serve us well, and some don’t. Something that’s become a big part of my daily routine – one of the...

How to overcome the ego #touchoflight Inspirational blog based on teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi" [Read more at]

Re-integration is the process of, as Derek Walcott suggests in his poem Love After Love, “greeting yourself arriving and welcoming the stranger that was your friend." Robert Bly's Black Bag in his Little Book on the Human Shadow touches the same theme. ozzie

"Forget about winning or losing - put your focus on learning and developing. It's a much better long-term strategy, trust me." Run it Out