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Our fandom is completely insane and I love it.

Our fandom is completely insane and I love it. Also rose and roxy

This was the first homestuck post i ever saw <<<Awwww<<<< kawaii!

Ughhhh the perils of being a paradox-wielding time traveler and also being really cool and attractive ==> Ugh. this happens all the fucking time!

Some people at my school did this as a skit, and you could tell who all the homestucks were. I about died.

"A guide to daily happiness for kids" XD That part makes it even worse!

The Paradox Space comics are the greatest thing to happen to this fandom.

The first time I read that comic I read it they way it's implied and I had to re-read it to stop having a heart attack

Me and one of my friends did this to another one of our friends. He shouted "Pass the weed!" While I screamed at her "where'd you put the vodka!?" Yeah.... It was awesome XD

One of my friends almost said pass the weed when I was on the phone with my dad and I almost killed him. John don't you dare ever try it or I will kill you.

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karkat+Harry Potter = FABULOUS

john is the best host more art for homestuck fills that i liked John/KK AU, basically John found this alien in his backyard and yes. Just read it, it's good: