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Cheese Toasties And Time-Bomb Clutches, Here's What Happened When We GIF The Best Moments Of Street Style At #PFW | ARTWORK BY FASHGIF

Our new favourite Tumblr, Made By ABVH, has taken some of Banksy’s most iconic works and given them a new breath of life through animated GIFs. We love. You?

Fashion Street is filled with amazing imagery, from a Batman animation and a curious poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger to a bright purple animation of a feminine face and more. The huge picture of a man embracing a child created by drip paint is situated on the side of Joe’s Kid Café. Fashion Street, London, UK

"The GIF is transformed from a discrete object into a new form of art and street documentation as well as a work of art in and of itself. While most often GIFs are made from pre-existing footage or materials what’s most fascinating about these is that the artists intervened in a public, physical space to generate a GIF as the final product. Real space is transformed in service of the digital world."

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