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Explore 505 Uninhabited, Uninhabited Islands and more!

50 Incredible Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities of the World

From the romantic and enigmatic ghost town at Kayakoy in Turkey to Hashima “Battleship” Island and the bizarre remains of the Sanzhi Pod City “UFO houses” in Taiwan. Other cities like Beichuan in China were tragically brought to their knees by earthquakes, while Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was such an notorious shanty that it was demolished and replaced by a garden.

5 islas con complejos totalmente abandonados

5 islas con complejos totalmente abandonados La isla de Hashima (significa Isla Frontera), comunmente llamada Gunkanjima (que significa Isla Acorazado) es una de las aproximadamente 505 islas deshabitadas en la Prefectura de Nagasaki, a cerca de 15 km de distancia de la mismísima Nagasaki.

How people live on the most crowded island on Earth

With about 1200 people on the tiny land area of 0.012km², the Colombian island Santa Cruz del Islote is the most densely populated island in the world (about 100,000 people per km²).

This community, including these old houses and the home of John and Lusan Corbett, is named Moonhole for the arch through which you can see the moon set twice a year. The island of Bequia is in the Grenadines.