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Vintage photos reveal extraordinary artificial limbs of the 1900s

A series of remarkable black and white images photographed by James Gillingham show just how detailed each perfectly fitted each prosthetic was

Bionic revolution: The tech getting disabled people into work

Hugh Herr is an associate professor of biometrics at MIT Media Lab,He is the chief technologist of iWalk where they manufacture robotic limbs. He states, "I predict a bionics revolution," Hugh lost had his legs amputated from frostbite after going climbing. He shared that his bionic legs are more useful than his legs when he goes for a climb. He brings up a great point of people returning to work faster with these prosthesis which benefits our economy. Also, there are now online career…

The Lost Art Of Bartering

So many people now days hardly know what the term "bartering" means, and yet it was the MAIN trade resource of our not-so-distant ancestors.