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Nicholae Ceausescu was the Communist leader of Romania from 1965 to 1989, and he was the harshest dictator in Communist Europe since Stalin. He was shot in 1989, and his death ended the worst of communism. -BD

Rudolf Höss, the first commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp, pitifully attempting to avoid the noose at Auschwitz.

Modeled on Nuremberg, an International military tribunal in Tokyo tried 25 Japanese leaders for war crimes. It sentenced 7 to death, including General Hideki Tojo, 61, who as prime minister had authorized the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some 900 of the countrymen were also executed by the Allies for mistreating prisoners and for other atrocities.

Allied leaders - Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin (19 November 1875 – June 3, 1946), known familiarly by Soviet citizens as "Kalinych", was a Bolshevik revolutionary and the nominal head of state of Russia and later of the Soviet Union, from 1919 to 1946. From 1926 he was a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, where he was one of the inner circle of party leaders around Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

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Mao Tse-Tung (December 26, 1893 – September 9, 1976). This dictator killed more people than Hitler and Stalin together. A bloodthirsty.