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‎’The Vow’ director Michael Sucsy on how meeting Channing Tatum helped him realize how perfect he was for the role of Leo…“He’s an extremely attractive guy, but when his name came up for ‘The Vow’ … I’d always seen him play these emotionally colder, sort of military parts.” After meeting with the actor, however, Sucsy told producers: ” ‘He’s perfect for this. This guy’s got a bigger heart than his chest cavity.

from Vanity Fair

The Vanities Openers

Re: The Vow.. "If I woke up from a coma and the Dr said Channing Tatum was my husband.. I wouldn't question it." ...well, DUH.

from GQ

Bonus Photos of Channing Tatum

((FC: Channing Tatum)) Yo! I'm Mason, Lillian's older brother. I'm over protective of her. If you hurt her I hurt you. Straight and single Pringle ready to mingle. I'm *I laugh softly to myself* Come say hey!

from BuzzFeed

Channing Tatum Wants To Have Sex With George Clooney

I tried not pinning this, but i just couldn't resist that face. Channing Tatum.