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Before you ask, yes this is me.<<<< I've done the same thing said it was a accident to my parents and they believed me -serenity


Which one are you?

Last born it does explain me my sister is technically first and middle born and im technically probably a oldest with my dad but I don't really care cause I don't even know him but the last child thing is true but it's not really fun when you ignored by your grandparents your siblings hate you and your a loner and black sheep -serenity

Hey guys I wanna make some 1D lyric art but idk what lyrics/song to do any suggestions?!? Comment pleaseee! xx >>>> @❥Anna Arvant❥ what makes you beautiful little white lies alive half a heart they don't know about us

Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything. I understand more than you think I do

ENFPs are far more observant than people think. Often times because ENFPS-garrett hide it. I think it's more INFP-me

so true @Catherine I honestly don't know if I can stop hurting myself again I kept going back to it and it's getting worse and my boyfriend isn't helping!

"You're pretty quiet for once!" I poked Raven. "Finally use up all your speech?" She smiled weakly. "Just- tired I guess." ((Ugh. Rune you idiot.))