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Dit wens je iedereen toch toe #love

This is a blade done by Antonio Montejano and you can find his entire gallery on his website This is an extremely skilled man. apparently he “perforated” the blade (meaning he saw pierced those designs) and you get only one chance to do that sort of thing or you have to start all over again (or alternatively, solder a new piece in but I highly doubt that’s an actual option even with a decorative blade piece.)

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Dublin, Ireland

another quote problem.... doing the right thing is usually the most difficult & painful thing there is.

Beautiful living room // white walls, brown and grey furnitur

This makes me want to gush, Brontë style, because I certainly don't have the words to convey how rapturous this makes me feel.

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Deze afbeelding laat zien dat ondanks dat vooral Maria's oudste dochter vaak wenst voor een "normale moeder", zoals Maria dat beschrijft, ze toch ziels veel van haar kinderen blijft houden. Wat er ook gebeurt in hun omgeving.

reminds me of my darling ZOYA whom we had for 10 years :)