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How to Buy AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON on Ebay! NO FAKES!! - - Coach Handbags from The Daily E'zette

Yes, this is very true. It's one of their better qualities. If they tell you that you're beautiful, sign up for the next beauty pageant. If they tell you that you can sing, find a voice coach and start practicing! If they tell you that you have a way with words, begin that novel right away! Scorpio's always see the true potential in people.

For those of us that went to beauty school, this is what we were told.... although there are some things that you can't get away with :)

LOVE these John Deer nails!!!!!! I would do it......but seriously how do people have their nails that long? How do you get anything done? It would drive me insane! But super cute:)

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Coach💗bundle & save💗

COACHBUNDLE & SAVE White COACH bag. It's beautiful, I probably used it once or twice. It has one blue mark on the backside which you can barely see on the forth picture. Comes in dust bag. No fake! Coach Bags