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I'm pretty proud of my finished pumpkin patch. I followed the instructions from a project I wanted to try and wound up having so much fun with it. These are for our church fall bazaar.

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Designed by Doreen Piechota is the Country Pumpkin hand drawn on linen.. Finished rug will measure 11.5" x 16".

Hello to my fellow haunters!!!I just finished a small project known to many as Pumpkin Corpsing. I watched the HAUNTCAST how-to-video which helped me out alot. I have purchased several foam pumpkins at Michaels over the years and thought I would try the Corpsing effect. I have some Funkins laying around so I may try Corpsing one of those bad boys. After laying on the latex and cotton it looked pretty good, but after it dried, there were more orange spots than latex and cotton. It stil

I did it! Finished my first fall project today, a wreath made of felt rosettes and a random assortment of pumpkins and leaves and such. I think it turned out pretty good for my first go at it. WAY cheaper than buying a pre-made one and it was fun and easy! There’s some more variations that I’ve seen on Pinterest that I want to try, so we’ll see where it goes! Maybe I’ll try selling some…Let me know if you like!

Some of the finished fabric pumpkins

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