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Every particle in the universe exchanging virtual particles with every other particle in the universe. There are 10 million million million million million particles in the universe that we could observe...your momma took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. I bake raps from scratch like carl sagan holmes

Enolate-formation-Alpha-Hydrogen-pka-table-Leah4sci.jpg 1,080×1,741 pixels

In previous entries in the Analytical Chemistry series of graphics, we've looked at some of the tools that chemists can use to determine the identity of compounds in various samples, including infr...

The pH scale is something we're all familiar with; most people will remember it from school chemistry lessons. It's the scale used to rank how strong an acid (or alkali) a solution is. The colours ...

Solar Flare Protuberance Prominence The Sun 1909 German Original Lithograph