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Friends and family sift through debris at the home of Daniel Wassom after is was destroyed by a tornado, Monday, April 28, 2014, in Vilonia, ...ARK


Huaynaputina eruption. February 19, 1600. Near Arequipa, southern Peru. The death toll is unknown, but it's direct consequences may make it one of the deadliest natural disasters of all time. Scientists now believe that the extreme weather conditions in Russia which caused progressive harvests to fail at the start of the 16th century and led to the famines of 1601-1603, in which some two million people died, were due to the Huaynaputina eruption.

Urban environmental problems such as air pollution water pollution flooding and congestion are more pronounced in city slums photographer Katharina Hesse (@hessekatharina) who took this photo of a young child playing with a plastic bag in the Baseco slum in Metro Manila Philippines explains. She continues This settlement is particulatly vulnerable to hurricanes and tsunamis due to its location. The Philippines are considered one of the most disaster prone regions worldwide. The impact of…

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