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Geekette on

Je kif trop #CalvinKlein #soldes2016 j'ai tout acheté la

People ask me why I ship Bucky/Steve so much.  And I really have no idea how to answer.

People ask me why I ship Bucky/Steve so much. And I really have no idea how to answer.

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Crock Pot Roast with Vegetables

This Crock Pot Roast with Vegetables is a family favorite Sunday dinner. I love everything about this meal. It's an entire dinner in one crock pot. You have your veggies, starch and meat all cooked together - and the meat is SO tender and delicious! This is a must-make!

from Small Town Woman

Savory Cabbage Roll Soup

I love everything about cabbage rolls but I don’t always have the time to make them. This Savory Cabbage Roll soup eliminates all of that but still gives you all the flavor of cabbage rolls.

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Misha Collins on

They are so adorable <3 "I'm here at #HoustonCon where I have definitively dispelled the myth, "Everything's bigger in Texas!" "


Outfit Fall

Stylist: i love everything about this outfit. Including the utility jacket!

from Power of Positivity: Positive Thinking & Attitude

11 Quotes To Remember When You Feel Exhausted

At times, life can seem like a battlefield, but the next…


くら毛 on

I'm drowning in my own thoughts,I'm in so deep that everything is turning black,darker my soul becomes.Then i see it,right there for me to grasp,its a light,as bright as the sun.I reach out to grab it,and i realize,if i dont stop sticking with the past,my future stops too. I want to live.To fight for my comrades, my village,for my old team.The light acts like a guide,pulling me out of hell.As I reach the light,theres a smiling boy,Naruto.Then i realize, maybe the dark isnt so bad if i have…

I don't believe the news - especially their "polls", they lie about everything, doubtful the polls have been left out of that pack of lies. Shame on them!

I think the more important question is why does Lestrade's hair have its own Twitter account?