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Je kif trop #CalvinKlein #soldes2016 j'ai tout acheté la

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They are so adorable <3 "I'm here at #HoustonCon where I have definitively dispelled the myth, "Everything's bigger in Texas!" "

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You are enough! Right Here, Right Now You have everything you need to live a powerful life of significance.

@onedirection : RT @Harry_Styles: Six years. I have no idea how to say thank you for all your support. For everything you are and everything you've done thank you. H (via Twitter

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29 Of The Most Intense 5SOS Fan Confessions

which is why i dont know everything about them....i still have a chance!!!!! @nachoogurl yes im still on this

This is an audio interview. Karen Pride runs three all while practicing yoga every damn day. Since we all know yoga is everything and everything is yoga, Karen's practice reminds us to care immensely about the people in your life and give something back.

She has already i mean nothing to her now and the part that sucks is she still means everything to me im sorry i wasnt good enough for you or your family i tried but it wasnt good enough im sorry i failed you wish i could do things different now that i realized what i did wrong and how i treated you :( you deserved better im sorry i broke my promises and made you turn away from me i always loved you and i still do aka mind of joseph

"As long as you're alive. . .as long as you're running. . .you've got to give it everything you have or you'll have nothing left. I allowed myself to be satisfied with just having fun in the moment. But if you don't hold on to what you have, everything will be gone in an instant"