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Book 29: a book with a one word title. Okay, okay it's got two, but I'm not counting 'The', because I'm getting desperate! There's a Specialist for everything, and if every Specialist were as happy with, and proud of, their work as this one, the world would be a better place! There never was a truer saying " if it's a job worth doing, it's worth doing well." The Specialist is a delightful little book.

Book 26: a book your Mum loves. Well I'm sure it's a book she WOULD HAVE loved if she was still with me, and in trying to finish this challenge I'm going with 'whatever works' for me! If you're of the same era as me you'll love this book. Hugh Lunn writes with an easy style and I had many chuckles on this stroll down memory lane and was very surprised to see how many of these "Words" I use myself!

Book 32: a book published this year. This book was written especially for the Quick Reads program and I needed something quick to read and I needed something published this year for the Challenge! I found it an odd story, a little confusing at times and if it hadn't fitted the bill perfectly for me, I doubt I would have read it….. but I did in just a few hours!!