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Book 29: a book with a one word title. Okay, okay it's got two, but I'm not counting 'The', because I'm getting desperate! There's a Specialist for everything, and if every Specialist were as happy with, and proud of, their work as this one, the world would be a better place! There never was a truer saying " if it's a job worth doing, it's worth doing well." The Specialist is a delightful little book.

#50books2014. 07: Until I Find You by John Irving. 30-06-2014. Compelling, emotional, funny and sad: the tale of the tattooist the organist's bastard son. At an epic 925 pages, it should surely count as 2 books?!

Book 31: a book with a number in it's title. I loved it! Not knowing much about the author as a stand up comedian, I found her writing style friendly, happy, straight to the point, funny, witty, heartfelt and just the style of writing I like to read! I like conversational writing. I like easy to read writing. I like writing that reads as if the author were speaking to me, and me alone. Denise….I like your writing! Thank you for a wonderful book that let me into your life and family No…

The 'Other' is Hemingway. Good writing, good stuff from this courageous, ambitious war correspondent.

10 Literary Road Trips from Tony D’Souza

Hunter S. Thompson = total bad ass. You can't go wrong with anything from this master of gonzo journalism