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Street Style LFW / Día 3

London, Street Style LFW / 2017 El athleisure, cómo ha cambiado la vida y los looks.

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Amazonite Stone

Amazonite is known as the lucky hope stone, as it will be lucky for all your hopes and dreams! It brings calming and soothing energies, making it the perfect healing crystal for times of stress.

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Petrified Wood Stone

Petrified Wood Stones are extremely healing, grounding and protective. They help to calm your nerves and fears, replacing them with feelings of wellbeing and security. They were once an ancient, living tree that has fossilized.

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Blue Apatite Stone

Blue Apatite is very motivational and inspirational, helping to clear your mind and stimulate creativity. It is believed to help stimulate weight loss, by supressing hunger and raising your metabolic rate. #crystals

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Dalmatian Jasper Stone

Dalmatian Jasper Stone, Discover the Dalmation Jasper Meaning from Energy Muse

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Ocean Jasper Stone

°Ocean Jasper encourages feelings of lifted spirits, joy & happiness. It helps you to release negative feelings & energy, leaving you more optimistic & confident. It also carries a strong healing, heart-based energy.

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Bronzite Stone

Bronzite is a very protective and grounding mineral that helps to restore harmony in your life. It strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem, alleviating any feelings of doubt and indecisiveness. More

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Fuchsite Stone

Fuchsite Stone, Discover the Green Fuchsite Meaning from Energy Muse