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from Algebrainiac

Dance, Dance, Transversal

Dance Dance Transversal - love this idea!

Fal Out Boy's Dance,dance.Believers Never Die.

You're never too old..i even dance in my kitchen somedays rock n my children will pull me out on the dancefloor with them....

Tara... I wish Christian had been there to see her dance

#Everydayisagift #dancewisdom Even if you didn't do so well in class yesterday, TODAY AND THE NEXT DAY is your 2nd chance to just dance.

10 hours a week? Let's try, during the summer intensive, about 35 hours a week...and then there's the weekends :)) DANCE, DANCE, DANCE

This applies to all of the arts. Practice, practice, practice! For when you perform, it must be perfect. You must know it so well that you can feel it and not think.