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Shelter built by Belgian troops to protect them from the cold, World War I, 1914. © lookandlearn / Elgar Collection

Postcard from World War I with the writing The first wounded in the military hospital II Pössneck 1914, the names of the patients and medical professionals. Photo: Collection Sauer

Belgian refugees fleeing Brussels in 1914 are aided by a dog pulling their laden cart.

In the New Vault of the Imperial Crypt, is a memorial tablet to "the first victims of the World War 1914 – 1918", Archduke Franz Ferdinand, son of Archduke Karl Ludwig, and to his wife Countess Sophie of Chotkova and Wognin. The couple are actually buried in this crypt in Artstetten Castle, in lower Austria.

French grenadier and his sentry dog, Aisne Front, France, World War I.

Belgian Army engineers destroying a road and railway bridge in Termonde to hold up the German advance before retreating to Antwerp on 18 September 1914.

Dogs were given many roles within armies during World War One, including drawing carts containing machine guns and supplies for the Belgian army, as troops left for the front line in October 1914 ( 962 x 704 )

MINISTRY INFORMATION FIRST WORLD WAR OFFICIAL COLLECTION (Q 1314) Wounded German prisoner near Aveluy Wood, September 1916

An icon of the Belgian Army in WWI, the Dog Cart -