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from the Guardian

Soldiers pay their respects at Fromelles cemetery dedication

August 2008: Archaeologists at the site of a mass grave containing the bodies of Australian and British troops killed at Fromelles during the first world war Martin Argles/The Guardian

Australian troops string out behind tanks in a practice advance over North African sands, on January 3, 1941. The supporting infantry is spread out thinly as a precaution against air raids. (AP Photo) Australian troops fighting with the British 8th Army made heroic contributions to Allied campaigns against the Germans especially in North Africa and Italy. According to the official Australian history of World War Two, 9,572 Australians were killed in action fighting against Nazi Germany.

Troops passing through Tobruk visit the graves of their comrades. The graves belong to Australian, Polish, South African, New Zealand and British soldiers.

A model figure of a WW1 Australian soldier in a diorama at the Australian War Memorial

Lot 11588-12: Activities in the Middle East. Australians in Syria. The Emir Abdulla of Transjordan, riding in an Australian Bren Gun carrier at a review of Australian troops near Jericho. Office of War Information Photograph.

Lieutenant George Masterman Thompson 1 Battalion, The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) (attached Gold Coast Regiment, West African Field Force) Lt Thompson was the first British officer to be killed in action during the First World War. He was commanding a small force of French Senegalese troops in an action against German forces at Chra, German Togoland, when he was killed, aged 24, on 22 August 1914.

Father and son, Australian War Memorial collection, 1916

Australian soldier leaving for the Vietnam War. 1968.

‘Australians storm a strongpoint’. A posed portrait of Australian troops advancing during the Second Battle of El Alamein, 3 September 1942.