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British and Turkish lines of communication prior to Allenby's attack on Gaza, Oct. 1917

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Matthew Ward on

Ottoman and German chaps with the British tank they knocked out when it attacked #Gaza in #WW1

This is Trench Warfare. Photo taken by an official British Photographer during WWI, c.1917

A Joan of Arc in the British Lines at Loos - Stanley L. Wood for The War Illustrated, December 4, 1915

The Ottoman surrender of Jerusalem to the British, December 9, 1917

A group of British sailors posing with old guns at a Turkish dockyard in occupied Istanbul, WWI

A camp of workers from the British Chinese Labour Corps recruited to participate in the Middle East campaign, Egypt, 1917 (autochrome)

By the end of 1917 victory was in sight in Mesopotamia and the Turks were finally beaten by a crushing defeat at Khan Bagdadi on March 27, 1918. The British success was greatly helped by the increased use of armoured cars, one of which can be seen in the top photograph after rounding up Turkish and Arab prisoners. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!