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God didn’t forget about you. He knows what you need, when you need it, and how to get it to you - Joel Osteen Quote

When you learn to embrace where you are, that's when God will take you further than you can imagine -Joel Osteen Quote

When God asks you to give something up, He’s not trying to take something away. He’s trying to give you something better - Joel Osteen Quote

You’re not who people say you are. You’re who God says you are. You are one of a kind and valuable - Joel Osteen Quote

Sometimes, God will keep you from the fire. Other times, He will make you fireproof and take you through the fire - Joel Osteen Quote

God knows the end from the beginning. If you will stay in faith, your story will end in victory - Joel Osteen Quote

Even in our dark times, God is still there. His light still shines. - Joel Osteen Quote by Quotling | The Quotes That You Love

What may seem like a limitation, God can use as an asset. He has designed you specifically for the race that you’re in - Joel Osteen Quote

What you’re facing may seem more powerful than you. But, don’t be intimidated. God’s bigger than - Joel Osteen Quote

This day is a gift from God. Once we live it we can never get it back. Life is too short to waste another day - Joel Osteen Quote