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Vintage Doll Caco W/ Changing Table & Accessories Baby Dollhouse German

from Ruby Lane

Old Doll Miniature Sconce Metal & Glass Lamp Light Dollhouse German

Here is a pretty lamp or sconce... the back is ornate metal with a white glass globe in the center. The piece is marked GERMANY. This is just over 2

from Ruby Lane

Antique Doll Miniature Rug Beaded Fringe Dollhouse

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from Ruby Lane

Wonderful Doll Ornate Candelabra For Doll Dollhouse Miniature

Here is a wonderful piece... this is a very ornate candelabra. This stands just shy of 5 tall. This would be wonderful as a Center Piece on a table in


Vintage Doll Miniature Flowers in Box Gift For Dollhouse

Here is a sweet little set for your dollhouse. This is a set of roses in a box, someone has just delivered to your doll. The little box with top is 2

from Ruby Lane

Item ID: TFP-5848 In Shop Backroom

Old Doll Miniature All Bisque Black Doll Dollhouse

from Ruby Lane

Antique Doll Toy Miniature Monkey Schuco Jointed Tiny Dollhouse

Here is a really cute miniature Monkey, I believe this is a Schuco.. he is made of Mohair, Jointed in the head and legs and arms. The Monkey when

Antique Doll Miniature Bisque Jointed Baby Dollhouse

from Ruby Lane

Antique Doll Two Dolls Frozen Charlie W/ Wispy Bisque Miniature W/ Wispy Hair Dollhouse

Antique Doll Two Dolls Frozen Charlie W/ Wispy & Bisque Miniature W/ Wispy Hair Dollhouse

from Ruby Lane

Rare Doll Wood & Bisque Head Miniature Dollhouse Sherman Smith & Phyllis Park Pegged Jointed

Here is the cutest doll for your collection... dollhouse or cabinet. This is a wonderful doll that was created by wood and carved by the well known