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Bookish Hero Fenster and heir to a duke Arthur Watterly share a common passion: the Legend of King Arthur. When the pursuit of the original manuscript of Malory's Le Morte d'Artur leads them to be trapped overnight in a bookshop attic, they find themselves unexpectedly married. They might be happy. If only they'd admit their biggest secret: they love each other even more than they love books.

Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free by Héctor Tobar

The Unintended Bride (Once Upon a Wedding) by Kelly McClymer,

Biography RALSTON; Hiking in remote Utah canyonlands, Aron Ralston felt at home. Then eight miles from his truck, in a deep and narrow slot canyon, a 800 pound boulder pinned Aron's right hand and wrist against the canyon wall. Through six days of hell, with scant water, food, or warm clothing, and the knowledge that no one knew where he was, Aron eliminated his escape options. Then a moment of stark clarity helped him to solve the riddle of the boulder and commit an extreme and desperate…

“Despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle cnidaria is an amazingly beautiful creature. I wanted to demonstrate this with careful lighting and composition. After strong NE winds hundreds of these cnidaria are blown into the bays around my home town and trapped overnight, enabling me to get my shots. Post processing is limited to colour temp and small amounts of burning. Also slightly cropped.” (Photo credits: Matthew Smith)

LAPP-Pro is a Bremen, Germany-based duo that specializes in light art performance photography, often accompanied by music. Jörg Miedza and Jan Wöllert have been working together since the autumn of 2007, although both have photographic connections going back many years. The basic concept of LAPP was invented by Jan, accidentally trapped overnight in an old industrial complex in Bremen, back in the summer of 2007.

In August of 1914, the British ship Endurance set sail for the South Atlantic. In October, 1915, still half a continent away from its intended base, the ship was trapped, then crushed in the ice. For five months, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men, drifting on ice packs, were castaways in one of the most savage regions of the world.

Ten strangers, recruited by an edgy new reality show and marooned on an abandoned island overrun by wildlife. One dies in a horrible accident. Nine realize they are all past survivors, alive only because they've beaten incredible odds once before. One by one, their hidden secrets are revealed. Eight discover they are trapped. Caught in a game so deadly that the most terrifying experiences of their lives were only its qualifying round, they must now face the greatest danger on the island…

Lucy King is only an hour away from embarking on the most incredible vacation of her life: white sandy beaches in a tropical paradise, snorkeling and sunbathing. But as Lucy looks forward to her trip, a sinister plot is unfolding that will demolish the world as she knows it. An unknown bioterrorist group unleashes a virus that virtually wipes out the earth's population-leaving Lucy, and a small faction of survivors, trapped inside her high school to wait out the apocalypse...

Today’s Audible Daily Deal is Alas, Babylon, by Pat Frank, read by Will Patton