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Диабетът е хронично заболяване, при което има засягане на редица органи. Основният белег на това заболяване е покачването на нивата на кръвната захар,

How to Give a Home Pedicure: Things you will need~A prepared footbath Pumice Stone Towel Nail scissors or clippers Emery board Cotton buds Sweet Almond Oil or Sunflower Oil Foot powder or lotion

We grew up online, confessing our innermost thoughts and feelings to friends and strangers alike. Why are we so bad at doing the same with the people who raised us?

Indians are never taught to talk to their parents as adults, and that's a problem

Essential oil mixture for strong, healthy nails.  Going to mix up right now.

How to keep your nails healthy and beauty and How To Have Strong Healthy nails , Tips for Healthy Nails and Nail Care Beauty , Toe nails infection and Toe nail treatment . Finger nail polish art for T K ;

Vid sjudom eller fysiska obalanser tar man till olika botemedel, kurer och metoder för att åtgärda och balansera. Men inget botemedel, ingen kur eller medicin kan fungera helt på sikt om grundpelar...

DoTerra Essential Wellness: Citrus Punch water, sugar, citric acid, drops doTERRA Lemon essential oil, 3 drops doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil and some lemon and orange slices. In a glass pitcher mix and chill.

Ready to ditch the dryer sheets and do laundry more naturally? Wool dryer balls with essential oils is a natural DIY laundry alternative.

Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils- Ditch Those Nasty Dryer Sheets

Are you ready to ditch the dryer sheets? All you need is a set of wool dryer balls with essential oils. Wool dryer balls are natural replacement for chemical filled dryer sheets.

SINUS BUSTER IN A JAR – Project Nsearch

SINUS BUSTER in a Jar ~ Aromatherapy on the Go. Clear congestion and speed healing. 15 each sounds way too much for doterra oils but its a good delivery idea for traveling

how to stop snoring 2

How to Stop Someone From Snoring

I used to snore every night. This is how I was able to stop snoring cold turkey. A drop is all you need to be on your way to restful sleep! I am a doTERRA girl and going to use balance in this same way

Essential Oils for #Arthritis Pain. See how to use them and what to use where and when.

10 Essential Oils for Arthritis Pain and Inflammation Support

Essential Oils for Arthritis Pain. Essential oils can be soothing and a great arthritis pain reliever to inflamed joints.

Eo kids plant therapy

KID SAFE CHART check it out! We want to mention that if an oil is not on this list it does not mean that it is not safe to use on younger children. These oils were chosen by Plant Therapy’s