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Funny pictures about *Poot*. Oh, and cool pics about *Poot*. Also, *Poot* photos.

I really wish that I could knit because my boys would love these hats!

Great pattern for kids! free Secret super hero mask/hat with knitting instructions {Zsa mask}

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Gif Animaux Drôles

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Super Cover Girls: Justice Magazine by Stanley Lau

Super Cover Girls: Justice Magazine by Stanley Lau

Funny pictures about Super Cover Girls. Oh, and cool pics about Super Cover Girls. Also, Super Cover Girls.

Lady Pawsington-Tunasalad, of the Buckinghamshire Tunasalads. Known for her sharp wit and social commentary and an often-troubled personal life, she was also the foremost female leader in early infrared indicator technology. Her treatise "WE MUST CAPTURE THE RED DOT" is considered one of the most important documents in hyperoptic history.

Step into my Attic, Lady Cat, artist Maud Mulder aka Stuffedkittie

I've never seen Les Miserables and I never intend to based on my strict rule of never-watching-sad-movies-because-nobody-needs-help-being-sad but this was pretty funny!  I also like the movie poster that names it "Everyone Dies the Musical" LOL!!! - The Real Origin of Les Miserables

The Real Origin of Les Miserables

The Real Origin of Les Miserables. Now must make one for The Real Origin of Thor The Dark World where the Ninth Doctor gets to the island.

I'm not saying I'm Captain America Funny T-Shirt

I need to get this shirt for one of my guy friends. Because he is my Captain America.