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So mean but Im still laughing. Yep funny that one who told you he thought the nipple piercings your nasty desparate hog ass got (to try to be like your ex? Lmao) told your ex and I about them as he was cracking up and appearing to hold back vomit ;)

Industrial piercing with a stunning gemmed industrial bar designed and crafted by the talented people at ANATOMETAL. How gorgeous is this?? Can you see me in the reflection on the beads taking the photo? I can! :)

I actually do not understand what the previous writer was doing wrong or if they also know how to adjust out the jewelry for a nipple piercing, however I had no difficulty putting them in.

Stanley Kubrick's images of NYC in the 40's. He took the shots from a camera in a concealed paper bag.

Off a few inches

Bahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!!! DAMN IT, HELEN!!!!