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12 Inspiring Quotes That'll Make You Feel Absolutely BEAUTIFUL

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is CONFIDENCE.” — Blake Lively

Bachelor of Arts in History and Art History: Public History (HIS 300) The World and the West (HIS 474) Senior Seminar: Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution (HIS 480) Medieval Islam (HIS 195) Russia and the Soviet Union in the 20th Century (HIS 348) The History Workshop (HIS 280) The Shaping of Western Civilization (HIS 102) The Designed Environment (ART 249) Scandinavian Art (ART 382) American Art (ART 389) Painting 1 (ART 118)

Mele Fendî‎ (1863-1942) was a senior Kurdish Muslim cleric, Islamic philosopher, scholar, astronomer, politician, and a famous Iraqi personality from Arbil, Iraq. He taught Islamic philosophy, Islamic history, science, mathematics, astronomy and ethics. He came from a respected and intellectual family of Islamic scholars. ‎He was honored by King Faisal II of Iraq with Wisam al-Rafidain "the Medal of the Two Rivers" and Sultan Abdul Hamid II awarded him with the "Servant of the Two Shrines"…

Sep 28 Another Muslim Man In Oklahoma Snaps And Tells Co-Worker: I Represent ISIS, I Will Cut Your Head Off, ISIS Kills Christians

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Obama Orders Border Patrol to RELEASE Drunk Drivers - Tea Party News

Obama orders border patrol to release drunk drivers. (Do you get the feeling that obama is just trying to get people killed...period?)

And if you thought Islamization of public schools is only a British problem, think again - 3 min video 4.20.14 Thanks to Saudi funding of American school textbooks with an overemphasis on Islamic history and culture, not to mention curricula that teach American students ‘how to be a Muslim,’ the U.S. is not far behind the U.K. in its Islamic infiltration of public schools.