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Question: Whats more awesome then a cat riding a unicorn? Answer: A cat riding a unicorn with a golden desert eagle. Adorn your wall with a print of this. Do.

The "Doesn't Love It" - Why It Matters: Because a cat who actually loves wearing an inflatable horn is rarer than a horse with a real one.

Inflatable unicorn horns for cats! Beause somebody looked at cats and said to themselves, "HORN.

Why am I laughing? << He looks so confused "Human? HUMAN. HUMAN NO. THIS IS NOT MY INTENDED USE."

This man should be our next president. Cat Man has my vote.

Unicorn Cat #telemarketing

Community Post: The Truth About Caticorns

My little Pusheen My little Pusheen ahh ahh ahh ahhh My little pusheen i used to wondeer what cats would be. (my little pusheen) until you all shared itsawesomeness with me.

Pinterest puke

cat versions of the Mane 6 from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.<<-- where's AppleJack?

I don't really know why I am pinning this...other than I have seen it so many times and each time I wanna pin it cuz its semi funny then I chicken out. Today I seized the day.

unicorn scooting on butt like a puppy! Do unicorns have anal glands?