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Henry Fonda (The Man): stunning as the bad guy in "Once Upon a Time in the West." Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

James Millican (1911–1955) was an American actor with over 200 film appearances mostly in western movies. So many as the bad guy!

Hi! My name is Avery McShane. I live smack dab in the middle of nowhere in Venezuela. My best friends are Billy, Todd, and my dog, Mati. Our adventures started when the bad guy Pablo Malo caught us trespassing and shot Todd in the butt with his shotgun full of rock salt… From then on everything got a mite out of control! Things got blown up, folks got kidnapped and there was a heckuva lot more gunplay - just like in my favorite western movies.

Synopsis: Dale Evans inherits a circus, but her dead father's partner (Withers) is trying steal it away from her for himself. Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan happen to be filming their latest movie on location at the circus when they learn of Dale's plight. Roy and Bob call on some of the most famous western movie stars of the day, and their famous horses, to come to the circus and put on a celebrity circus show. The show is a hit, saving Dale and the circus, and the bad guys lose

The red beak and band around the eyes reminds me of those bad guys in comedic Hollywood Western movies. Seriously though, this is one serious looking bird. A loner, it's beak indicates that it's probably a ground-feeder, thriving on worms

JOHN DOUCETTE (1921-1994) was an American film character actor. He was a balding, husky man remembered for playing mob muscle and western bad guys in movies. According to the Internet Movie Data Base, between 1943 and 1987, Doucette appeared in some 260 movies and television programs, with about 60 early roles uncredited.

Jock Mahoney Actor. He is remembered for his many western roles, often playing the bad guy, and for his stunt work. He was considered one of the best stuntmen in Hollywood during his time.

Ray Bennett Actor in 83 movies, usually in supporting roles — (filmography) Raphael Bennet 1895-1957

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