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I'm not sure which magazine this was taken from, but here are some easy exercises for getting rid of flabby arms. Easily adapted to any travel lifestyle and schedule.

Arm Workouts: The Top 10 Arm Moves

Top 10 moves for killer arms with out hurting your wrists. Buh bye fatty arms ;).

Get Sexy Shoulders and Toned Triceps With Our Tank-Top Workout

"No joke. Just did this one and it was killer. 10 Minute arm workout to get rid of those flabby things!"

10 Arm-Sculpting Exercises You Need For Your Big Day

17 Free Weight Exercises for Hot, Toned Arms

The 10 Most Effective Moves You Can Do For Your Butt

Top 10 most effective moves to get your booty lifted and lightened. These moves will have your glutes burning!