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This is a great resource for Earth Science when teaching the concepts of Gravity and Tides. The illustration helps students understand as they take detailed notes explaining these difficult ideas.Save $1.00 on the BUNDLE of 3 Notepages for Earth Science at:BUNDLE Earth Science Note Pages

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Spinning Spiders-Informational Read Aloud, Lesson Plans and Activities

Meet the informational text standards with these awesome compare and contrast lesson plans on spiders vs. insects.

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Tips for Teaching How to Identify Functions

Tips for Teaching How to Identify Functions - In eighth grade, we learn about identifying functions pretty early in the year. To help my students remember the rule I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and today I’m sharing them with you. By Free to Discover.

Songs and videos for kindergarten and 1st grade for the month of October. Bats, Spiders, Fire Safety and MORE! Students and teachers will love how this improves reading fluency

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Interactive Notebook: Science Journaling Pages

Vocabulary development, flipbooks, venn diagrams, reflection much more! Works with any science discipline...Ideal for grades 2-5

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STEM Math Murder Mystery Case#1 A Math Challenge

STEM Math Murder Mystery Case#1 A Math Challenge This murder mystery will engage students by taking them on a journey to solve addition math puzzles to solve a murder. Students will need to gather evidence by completing charts, Interview witnesses by sorting through addition equations and compare data to narrow the suspects. Finally they will narrow it down to two suspects, with a final hundred chart puzzle to uncover the truth. Who is the Math Mystery Murderer!!!

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Oreo Investigation

physical vs chemical change bulletin board ideas | Evidence of Chemical Changes

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NGSS Science Standards- Kindergarten

NGSS Standards- Kindergarten

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Multiplying Fractions Scavenger Hunt

Get students out of their seats and multiplying fractions with this interactive scavenger hunt. Students will practice multiplying fractions by whole numbers and by other fractions. Students will be given straight forward multiplication practice, verbal forms involving the key word "product," area applications, and word problems. By Free to Discover.

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STEM Science and Engineering Practices Posters and Activities

These science and engineering posters and introduction activities help support STEM learning and the new science practices put out by the NGSS.