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What deadly animal are you?

♂ Amazing nature wild life photography animals white Lioness and her cubs More

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White Lions: King Of Kings

Beautiful white lion! They are endangered and very few left, unfortunately.

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Curious Creatures of Africa

Rare black serval. Serval's are used to breed Savannahs. They use Ocicats, and several other exotics to come up with the Savannah.

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Unusual animals around the world

The King Cheetah has a recessive fur pattern mutation. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times. Gorgeous.

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Cutest Wild Cat EVER

Awwwww, i want him!!!Arabian Sand Cat ... Adorable. These are the only cat who look like kittens as adults

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wolfdancer: magicalnaturetour: Mountain Lion... - logangaiarpg

wolfdancer: magicalnaturetour: Mountain Lion by Dave wolfdancer:- Out the Way!



Cheetah. !IEC. Not a chance. Sorry, this is a Leopard. Cheetahs don't climb trees

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Even the Gorillas and Bears in Our Zoos Are Hooked on Prozac

* * " Dat beez a lie.cuz ifs I wuz ons Prozac; I wouldn't beez depressed. I woulds nevers takes it; buts ams bummin' cuz I iz ins a zoo."

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These kids eat nothing but fast food: SIX hungry cheetah cubs learn to hunt with mum

~~UP HERE! The cheetah led her brood up a tree for a better look at the beautiful surroundings by Paul GoldStein/Exclusivepix~~