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It's pretty sharp looking for a cargo van. The sleek nose, canted windshield and smooth body lines instantly belie its European heritage.What isn't readily apparent is just how much room it has in the back and how much fun it is to drive.A cargo van fun to drive?Taken in context that the bright white 2015 Ram [...]

from tothesquareinch

Types of Lines and Angles Activity

Lines, Rays, Angles, Oh my! --Just use toothpicks and dot stickers.


Library Display: No-Shave November

It's hilarious, really. "No-Shave November" Library Display with free printable! (LiteraryHoots)

Image result for iCarly homestuck. Isn't that a line from Supernatural? Didn't Cas say that? Or was that just a fanfic I read?

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Firefighter Kindergarten Worksheets

These firefighter kindergarten worksheets are great to use to help kids brush up on basic skills. Free printables for your homeschool curriculum or just for a firefighter theme.

from The Sewing Loft

Quilting Foot or Patchwork Foot

Quilting for beginners. Fundamentals of the 1/4 inch quilting foot. Did you know that it can be used for so much more than just piecing? It actually is really great for creating perfect parallel lines as well as top stitching, quilting itself and lots more.

Geometry Fun through the arts! I have a geometry unit coming up for my 5th graders. I think I will use this idea but include some parameters for my kids. For example, I could require the shapes in the center to be twice the size of the same shapes on the outside - as if looking through a magnifying glass - just to add some more math!

from Refinery29

This Cult Sunglasses Line Just Got Even Cooler

In celebration of her 10 years in the eyewear industry, Karen Walker has launched a collection of 10 new, limited edition sunnies - recreating one style from each year in gold frames and gold mirrored lenses. Good as gold. Enough said.

Charge up a sleepy brain with some fun exercise! Kinesthetic learners need to MOVE to take in information just as much as a Visual learner needs to see.

from Make and Takes

Oil Pastel Witch Hat Drawings

Black paper and oil pastels are one of my most favorite art time combinations. My girls and I had fun designing our own wacky witch hats, just in time for Halloween decorating! This is an open-ended project that is fun... Continue Reading →