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e. 1st CE. Roman Gold Band Glass Mosaic Bottle. Translucent cobalt blue and turquoise blue with opaque yellow partially mixed together to appear green, opaque white, and colorless encasing shattered gold leaf. The shape was common but the gold band made this a luxury item. 2"

Japanese Netsuke - Buddhist Jewel of Wisdom Carved with Mountain Pavilions by Kaigyokusai (Masatsugu) (Japan, Osaka, 1813-09-13 - 1892-01-21) / Mid to late 19th century , Ivory with staining, sumi, inlays

Maharaja Ranbir Singh, ca. 1860–80. India (Jammu). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Subhash Kapoor, in memory of his parents, Smt Shashi Kanta and Shree Parshotam Ram Kapoor, 2008 (2008.359.55) #mustache #movember

Queen Mother Pendant Mask: Iyoba, 16th century. Nigeria; Edo peoples, court of Benin. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Gift of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1972 (1978.412.323) Always loved this

Bronze Dogon Chameleon by Forrest Buckman | Flickr - Photo Sharing!