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Why The Democrat Party Is The World’s Most Successful Hate Group

Trump, Puppet of the Year and Traitor in Chief | < 250° serb (Wolyn)

It's all about the money. Monsato is evil. Our government is even more evil for allowing them to poison our food just so they can all financially benefit.

$10 BILLION pales in comparison to $114 BILLION PER YEAR for ILLEGALS!! Definition of illegal - someone entered the United States UNLAWFULLY, in case you libturds can't grasp the concept.

No, we are not! 52 million voted for trump, BUT 75 million voted AGAINST him. He is the #minoritypresident and will forever be known as the #illegitimatepresident

In the age of crisis actors and false flags, signs of the creation of a NWO, even world deceivers must accept limitations, must know their limited position in the heavenly realms.

Add a Bernie for Socialism sticker on there and you come close to accurate.

People forget that Republicans are the reason blacks are free in this country.